Investing In Gold Jewelry: Advantages And Disadvantages

In these times of economic uncertainty, many people turn to precious metals as an investment. Gold jewelry is a good option, since it serves both as an investment and as an attractive fashion accessory. But, there are also pitfalls to investing in gold jewelry.

First, let’s look at the advantages to investing in gold jewelry.

The best reason to treat gold jewelry as an investment is that its value tends to stay stable over time, and will increase during times of economic stress. In general, when the stock market is going down, commodities like gold and silver are increasing in value. This provides a “hedge” to balance your overall investment portfolio.

If you are looking to invest a small amount, say $5,000 or less, a few pieces of gold jewelry will do about right. Since the price of gold per ounce is many times higher than silver, you can fit this amount in a safe-deposit box (or a shoe box in your basement, if you’re so inclined) rather than a full-sized safe.

Workmanship Value
Since every piece of jewelry is a work of art, the value of a piece of gold jewelry not only included the value of the metal inside, but also the artistic value of the piece. Like a painting or sculpture, a rare piece of gold jewelry can increase in value many times faster than the components it is made from.

Now, let’s look at the disadvantages:

Risk of Theft
A gold-based mutual fund or a stack of bullion in a safe-deposit box are as secure as the institutions entrusted with their care. A heavy gold necklace worn around your neck must be guarded carefully at all times.

Considering the events in the financial world in 2008 and 2009, however, it just might be safer to wear your investment around your neck then to trust it with a large investment firm!

This would be the flip side to the convenience listed above. If you need to invest a large amount of money, say $50,000 or more, keeping gold in your jewelry box might not be the best option. This much gold jewelry would require a fair bit of maintenance and care.

Slightly Less Liquidity
Since the value of a piece of jewelry comes in part from the artistic workmanship, you may have a little more trouble getting your money out of a piece of gold jewelry than a bar of pure gold. The value of the metal content is never negotiable, but the artistic value often is. However, as noted above, the artistic value is usually a positive asset.

The Brief Overview Of Workmanship About Wedding Dresses

The wedding manufacturers normally use the satin fabric,yarn fabric or lace fabric for wedding dresses,the majority dresses will take one as a main material and others for matching.It’s difficult to seperate whether the fabric and workmanship is good only from the picture without the actual gament.Hence the price gap of a wedding dress is based on the fabric and workmanship,and also the brand and cost.

The wedding dress accessories such as bead slice,lace,rainstones on the wedding gowns are all attached by the workers who use the hand needles.for a good workmanship ,the SPI will be even ,no puckering or thread,and very tight to avoid falling off,also th quality of the bead is different,we can see obviously from the actual gament.for a bad workmanship,it has few parts to use the hand needle and very easy to fall off. So from the wedding dresses we can see the attitude of worker.

Normally from the picture we can only judge the style is good or not,but for the quality differency need to check the bridal wedding gowns. A good wedding dress will take the technical like interlining and face all cover and will use at least 10 pcs of the polyester bone to set up the frame,and also has the belt on waist or back to make the people comfortable,espically for the tube style,if without the polyester and belt,people will always worried for falling off,but if a good technical will settlt this problem easily.

The common technical always just attach the cut panels without many polyester bone,or just attach two on the cheat,but the cups are expose outside,although workmanship simple but no effect for wearing,because what we can see is only matter what a kind of a technical is as long as you like it and suit for you.

So take these tips, you’ll be ok when choose the bridal wedding gowns. Next time, I’ll provide the details, or you can go bridal wedding gowns blog.

Jewelry Tools and Jewelry Supply For Jewelry Casting

Casting Jewelry is an ancient skill that has been around for as long as there has been jewelry in the world. The Ancient Egyptians are usually credited with perfecting the process but casting jewelry was also practiced by meso American societies and cultures located in Asia and the Middle East. The casting process is called Lost-wax and is still very popular with craftsmen who enjoy making hand made jewelry. By the name of the process, one can guess that wax is involved of which will be lost. While the Lost-wax process is mainly used for the casting of rings and bracelets, other items such as sculptures can also be created. Investment casting is another name of this casting jewelry method and both are acceptable terms it just depends on the speaker’s preference. The Lost-wax casting process has many benefits. When making jewelry this way, the caster will be able to make identical pieces quickly and efficiently. There are several companies and individuals willing to cast the piece for you for a price. Many of these companies may overcharge, the cost of commerce, so if you have the resources and ability you might be better of casting your own jewelry. Lost-wax casting involves a number of steps. If followed properly and with precision the artist will find the process enjoyable. Before you begin, you will need to come up with an idea for the piece of jewelry. Generally, the sculpture of the piece is created using wax though some prefer having a metal master copy in case of mistakes. You are going to create the mold using the original. The molds used for casting jewelry allow a great amount of detail. When the mold is finished, you are going to fill it with wax to create a wax copy which will then be coated with sand and silica. This ceramic shell will then be heated so that the wax is melted out. The wax can be reused so make sure to safely collect it during this step. The ceramic copy will be hollow and you will have to test it for holes before pouring the molten metal. Afterwards, you will lightly hammer the ceramic shell away to reveal the finished product. The end result of the Lost-wax process is usually very detailed and exact creating a beautiful piece. Casting jewelry can be a profitable business depending upon your skill level and creativity. This skill is diminishing as the jewelry companies switch to computerized and automatic means of creating their pieces. While this move is smart for the jewelry business as it reduces the production cost, the end result lacks a certain desirable element that hand made jewelry posses. Casters will be able to use the mold created during the Lost-wax process a few times before a new mold has to be made. Extra care and attention has to be paid to polishing any imperfections or patching any variants during the casting process. Several things can go wrong during casting especially when you remove the mold so take care to be extra careful and attentive during this time. Casting jewelry is a valuable skill to master and if you plan on making any money from your home foundry, this is a good place to start.

Best Blog Site For Jewelry

Just performing a simple search on the Internet will reveal to you that there are millions of websites and blogs out there that offer information on nearly every subject. This should be enough to inspire you to give blogging a shot so you can share your passions. Not only can share this passion, but you can also turn a blog into a business. This has become particularly true with certain fields involving arts and crafts and especially with jewelry. You can turn your love and understanding of jewelry into a profitable business for you simply by using the best blog site for jewelry. If you are planning to establish a blog about jewelry, one of the first things you need to do is find the best blog site for you to set things up. This may require a bit of research on your part so you can find the host that suits you best. There are several things you will want to take into consideration before you choose the best blog site for you. First, you need to decide how much, if any, money you are willing to invest in this venture. While you can certainly start a blog for no cost on many of the free blog sites, there are certain limitations that go along with having a blog here. You must abide by their terms of use and service and this often prohibits you from selling or advertising anything at all. This is fine if you are not intending to try and make any money from the blog and just want to share your passion. However, if you make your own jewelry and would like to be able to advertise your work or even take orders for certain items, then you will need to do some more searching for the best blog site for you. You will want to find a paid host who will let you set up your site as you want so you can conduct business. You also want to choose the best blog site that is going to provide you with the best information and data. You need a site that is going to track traffic and statistics for you so you can easily determine which blog entries are doing well and which have not. You can then use this information for future plans and any adjustments that you may need to make to your blog. You also want the best blog site that will let you do affiliate marketing. This way, you can perform jewelry reviews with links to specific products. This will allow readers and customers to click on your links to buy other products directly while you collect commissions on the sales. Setting up the best blog site for jewelry may take some initial work on your part. You want to make sure that the blog is easy to follow and full of quality information so people keep coming back. For even better tips and insight and how you can get started and make even more money from your blog, check out the Best Blog Site.

Sell Jewelry: Difference Between Wholesale Jewelry And Retail Seller

The world of jewelry today is so vast that you can have one jeweler providing both wholesale and retail services. James Avery for example, would be able to be both a wholesale jeweler and a retail seller because they can make their own jewelry and then retail it for higher prices. Jewelry buyers and sellers have to have a little knowledge of the relationship between wholesale and retail to find the best prices that will work for them. Wholesale and retail directly influence each other. Knowing ahead of time about what the market can bear will increase your chances at making a profit from selling your jewelry, or save you a ton of money when buying!

The Basics
Wholesale is the price that retail establishments will pay for the products that they intend to sell to their cliental. For instance, you want to sell your diamond necklace to a big retailer; the retailer will offer you a wholesale price based on the exclusivity of your necklace, the craftsmanship, and ultimately what they think will leave them room for a profit. The price the retailer sets on the product is called the retail value; which is based on what the retailer believes the market can bear or is willing to spend on the product. After purchasing wholesale, the retailer then marks up the price to sell for retail.
If your necklace is selling for $300 at Christie’s Jewelry down the street, then the retailer your selling to is going to offer you a wholesale price that is below what Christie’s Jewelry is retailing it for. That is what the market will pay for your necklace. Pricing the necklace higher than $300 would push customers away in search for the cheaper price.

Wholesale Jewelers
Generally make and distribute (in bulk) their jewelry themselves, or directly to retailers.
Pricing for wholesale jewelers is a tricky process because jewelry buyers are looking for the lowest prices possible without sacrificing prestige. So when calculating their prices, wholesalers try and cover the time it took to create the piece; how much they spent making the piece (overhead expenses), and what the market can bear based on the exclusivity of their product.

Purchase most of their merchandise from wholesalers.
The first thing for you to know is that companies claiming that they are selling their jewelry for a wholesale price to the public… is not really wholesale. Companies like Blue Nile, will claim that they are offering you wholesale prices but, in fact, they are really just selling for very cheap with smaller mark up– kind of like Wal-Mart. To be able to truly buy wholesale would require you to possess a tax ID to prove that you are reselling. Retailers purchase their items wholesale, and then mark up the product price for retail sale. Retailers have to know the market and it’s fluctuations in order to set their prices to attract customers. Good advice when trying to purchase from a retailer is asking what the item costs wholesale, and then try and barter down the price to point where you, the jewelry buyer, get the price you want while the retailer still makes a profit.

Traditionally Indian Chic Kundan Jewelry

One of the oldest forms of jewelry created and worn in India, Kundan is still popular for its discerning Mughal influence and intricate designs. The origin of Kundan jewelry can be traced back to the majestic courts of the Mughal empire, where the royal women in Rajasthan and Gujarat would wear elaborate Kundankari necklaces, armlets, waist bands, earrings, forehead teekas, finger rings, nose rings and many other tradition pieces of jewels. Although they are traditional designs of jewelry, kundan jewelry sets are fast gaining recognition and popularity among international jewelry designers and fashionistas.

Kundan work is the traditional and oldest method of gem setting, where the gold foil is inserted between the stones and its mount. The basic lacquer structure of the jewelry is embedded with gemstones, gold foil setting and finished with highly refined gold to cover the lacquer framework. Craftsmen are well trained in various processes involved in creating grand kundan jewelry designs.

Kundan work is often combined with the beautifully designed enamel paintings, known as Meenakari work, which adorns the back surface of the pieces in beautiful designs. In these jewelry pieces, meenakari work beautifies the back side while kundan stone settings add grace on the front, making it even more remarkable. Pacchi work is another technique which is incorporated in kundan jewelry. Tastefully designed rings and earrings in pacchi work accompanied with kundan make these pieces stunning.

Adorned with crystals and semi-precious stones, Indian kundan jewelry sets are passed on as heirlooms, which are passed from one generation to other. Some of the semi precious and precious stones used with kundan jewelry are agates, topaz, carnelians, tourmalines, jade, emerald, sapphire, amethysts, and rhinestones.

Mostly worn by the Rajputs, Indian kundan jewelry sets were earlier considered important for all auspicious occasions. But with changing time and trends, they are regarded as fashion ornaments. One of the most sought after Indian designs, Kundan jewelry is also sported by Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities for grand occasions. Whether it’s a celebrity wedding or a red carpet, this scintillating piece of jewelry is gradually making its way to the international fashion runways. Rhinestones and enamel work retain the ethnic feel while crystals and colorful bead embellishments add a contemporary twist. Movies like Devdas and Jodha Akhbar have redefined the kundan story. Aishwarya Rai decked in a jadau kundan jewelry set recreated the magic of historical art with modern fusion. Apart from celebrities, kundan jewelry sets are also preferred by Indian brides to enhance their traditional elegance.

The pink city of Jaipur in Rajasthan offers a wide range of Indian kundan jewelry. Careful settings of gold foil, intricately cut gemstones and multicolor crystal makes this one of the most celebrated varieties of jewelry available today. The sheer variety available in Kundan jewelry designs also makes it the perfect choice for the bride-to-be to wear for her wedding. Perfectly fusing contemporary and traditional designs, kundan jewels are becoming desirable pieces. So, for your next festive occasion, go for traditional kundan jewelry, and be part of the magnificence that Kundan jewels offer.